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Description: help travelers find the perfect B&B through detailed descriptions, photos, and more than 350,000 consumer reviews. is owned by HomeAway, Inc.


To use, check for list of participating B&Bs. Make a reservation by either directly contacting a participating B&B, providing order and card number, and presenting card at check-in, or using a Book now button at Not usable when reservation made using other means. Usable at participating properties, subject to change, in US & Canada only. A maximum of $500 may be redeemed per reservation. Not usable for 48 hours after purchase. All property-specific policies apply. Not usable with special offers or discounts. Not redeemable for cash unless required by law. Owner liable for taxes, duties, fees and gratuities assessed for services purchased. Not replaceable if lost or stolen. CardFact XII, Inc. is card issuer and sole obligor to owner. Issuer duties may be delegated without recourse. Full terms at Purchase, use or acceptance constitutes acceptance of full terms.
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